What’s new?

Wallmob is a constantly growing product, and we strive to make each release better than the last. From bug fixes, to new features – we endeavor to listen to all of your feedback and spend many hours refining the app based on this.


New configurable tender options

New tender typer for EOD reconsiliation and better control.

Add new tenders from backoffice – se Tendertypes

Use them under the payment option Mics in the POS.

All tender types will be possible to count during EOD procedure. This enables better control of payments from external not integrated sources i.e mobile payment, vouchers, manual giftcards etc.

When adding a fixed sum to a tender this will always be tha value of this tender type – adding 0 will give option to enter external id from i.e mobile payment apps.

Enjoy this feature and get better control of Your payments.

Back buttons on POS login screen

Back buttons are now available in the login screen for POS and Store in the POS App.

This enables our customers to more easily switch stores and registers without hawing to start a new day on the same register during EOD. Not important for many of our customers but still a nice feature if you want to use the same equipment in several stores.

Parked receipts are removed during end of day

As a result of Wallmob adapting best practices and several POS legislations in the Nordics we have decided to remove all parked receipts during the EOD procedure.

This as Parked receipts should not be keeps as offers or open orders in a POS system. Parking is made for keeping a table or bill open in a restaurant or bar, or used when the customer has forgotten a wallet and will be back in a short time.

Keeping receipts open between EOD has proven to be a source for internal fraud or missing payments from customers.


Bag id in EOD report and report grid

Now it is possible to enter bag id for deposit of money to the bank.

The bag id is visible and searchable in the backoffice under Reports -> EOD. it is also printed on the EOD report.


Printer configuration kept when changing store

As we introduces the new EPSON mobile printer some of our customers are using Wallmob betwwen stores. Also one customer are changing stores several times a day as sales are registred based on location (on board trains).

Before the connection to the printers where stored pr register now they are stored pr iPad. Then new connections to printer is not needed when changing register or store using the back buttons described above.

Known issues

This section is new as we some times discover issues during uppgrade.

  • Some users with iOS version 10.3.x looses POS connection to store – to fix this go to registers in the wallmob backooffice and connect the register to the right store. This happens because of internal iOS settings fro keeping data. We are working in fixing this issue.


Norwegian POS legislation

The new Norwegian POS legislation in now implemented in Wallmob POS, this introduces a lot of rules in how a POS should work and especially what is should not do.

The X and Z report introduces new counting in POS for a lot of employee behaviour. We plan to introduce this in new reports in the future to improve other parts of Wallmob,

  • X Report – summary of day until now
  • Z Report – summary of whole day – printed with EOD report
  • No printing when cash drawer is open – notification
  • No sales if printer is not connected – but in Wallmob you may use the send mail option to still be compliant.
  • Forces count of start dat and end of day
  • Must do End of day every day – good practice for everyone
  • Parked sales must be deleted during End of day
  • Accounting rules for SAF-T report – applied for all Business types
  • SAF-T report for government control

Visma eAccounting integration

Visma eAccounting is now integrated with Wallmob sending complete sales accounting figures every night.
Setup and configuration can be done in the Integration panel og Wallmob backoffice.

New printers

EPSON TM-P20 – a mobile receipt printer

EPSON TM-T88VI – standard receipt printer

Bug Fixes


  • Long product names does not hide behind the label button
  • Variants are shown alfabetichaly for easier use in the POS
  • Inactive products not longer available when scanning or searching.


  • Save button not dependent on adding SKU at last when entering new products
  • Not possible to add wrong VAT in eConomics integration
  • Long product names added a new line i Backoffice corrupting the user interface – fixed


Dine in Dine out

Functionality for different pricing and VAT on dine in – dine out products.
Mainly used in Norway and Sweden that requires different VAT on food purchased in store og taken home.

Function available under the advanced button in the product panel in the Wallmob backoffice.


Flere shops på en masteruser

Efter en øget efterspørgsel, tilbyder vi nu vores kunder muligheden for at til tilknytte flere shops til en MasterUser, dette kan gøres i Web BackOffice under Shops.

Bug Fixes

Vi har oplevet nogle terminal kommunikations problemer, hvorfor vi har lavet et hotfix til vores OneStore app, der stabiliserer app’en og terminal kommunikationen.


Anbefalet version: iOS9

Med version 2.11 af OneStore vil den anbefalede version af iPadens iOS fremover være iOS 9 og opefter. Man kan læse nærmere omkring hvordan og hvornår man skal opdatere ens iPad, på den nederste sektion af nyhedsbrevet.

Optimering af produkt

Vi har forsøgt at optimere brugervenligheden af vores OneStore POS, ved at tilføje tekst til ikonerne i kvitteringen i produktvinduet,


X-rapporten er en opgørelse over kassestatus for dagen indtil nu, og kan tjekkes når som helst på dagen. Denne indeholder bl.a. antal solgte produkter,

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